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Tuesday 06 September, 2016 | RSS Feed

Imaginative, creative revenue

In fact, this is my psychological warfare and family card. Approached the psychologically students, students moved, so that they take the initiative to want to shop, this is not to pull the business yet? Imagine, if you see a student into the store, you will quickly asked: "What do you want to buy what you ready??" It makes them sound like a bit disgusted with it? Some students may originally come aimlessly shake, playing my heart is not to buy anything. In addition, the air conditioning during the day is best to open the store, creating one of an important manifestation of a comfortable shopping environment is also caring students.

Comments: The family is the interaction between people to maintain the most effective weapon. The family moved to let people produce between, have feelings, draw closer. Especially for teenage young students, we should say they emotionally rich sense of obligation, values ??friendship and easy emotionally. So Lingshou Hu doing business students to learn to try to figure out when to prepare their grasp these psychological thereby lay the psychological warfare, with a good family card, which will gain a lot. Of course, a student business will talk about integrity, are fair, avoid flicker, or just the opposite.

I think during the examination, the store can also think of some ideas, engage in some creative and distinctive merchandise to attract students attention, stimulate their desire to buy. For example, for some commodities with pre-exam monumental, such as folding printed above "2014-year high (in) test memorial" or "good luck 2014, pass the examination!"; And water, or printed on the pen core shell: "2014 high (middle) test, smooth sailing!"; or stationery printed on the bag, "2014-year high (in) test, exciting show, and his recollection!" and "hard 2014 harvest unlimited wonderful!" Wait, I Featured Products want to with commemorative text, greatly increasing the selling of goods, improve the collection value, increased profit margins. With these creative ideas, the significance of the moment far more important test, eternal, life worthy candidates aftertaste! The students will be willing to buy, will drum up their own pockets. These years, I have always been doing. In short exam month, unlimited business opportunities, but the real business in order to achieve victory, must spend some energy, the exhaustion of some thought to stimulate students and parents are interested and desire to buy. More than four Lingshou Hu, described his examination of economic catch some of the practices and experience, we can say some effective, simple, and some creative, worth a reference for everyone. Exam during the month, as long as our retail people heart and soul seriously, seize opportunities, the business naturally fire up, it can certainly be fruitful in! Watching "Tarzan" in their new small store sales continued to rise, Qu Hongling's husband also began to admire her practice, no longer his wife's "duties" and discontent, and also support her to continue to do "walk away dispensers." Qu Hongling said, with a lot of peer chat, many people will complain that the customer does not accept their presentation, and he is considered as a "lucky hit", but sometimes really need to do business "Shuadian small smart," which not only increased sales, leaving customers voluntary, why not do it?

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