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Tuesday 21 June, 2016 | RSS Feed

Thirteen Magical cigarette tips

Art of War, said: "soldiers uncertain situation, the water has no fixed shape, use of the wonderful, Bottom of Heart." Cultivate new cigarettes, Lingshou Hu each has its own sales training, sales methods and techniques, as long as the intention to grasp the characteristics of the new cigarette, active OTC, serves decent new cigarette is not difficult.

Magical cigarettes:
1. The skin was scratched with tobacco sticking wound can stop bleeding and relieve pain.
2. Place the leftover cigarette smoke tobacco stripping out, and threw in the toilet around, both deodorant, but also insecticide insects.
3. The cigarette butts soaked in 1 to 2 days, with this water the flowers, either pest control, but also improve soil quality.
4. Used cigarette filters used to clean recorder capstan. The cigarette filter dipped in alcohol, is fitted on the shaft leading, after about 2 minutes, press the forward button (or the rewind button), the rotation of the capstan while pulling the filter at the mouth several times, leading shaft pollution namely alcohol was melted and adsorbed in the filter mouth. This filter is then taken away, the other to take a clean filter, repeat the above operation, the shaft will be able to dominate the dirt removed.
5. mosquito bites, itchy skin, it is desirable to put in the cigarette ash cup, add a few drops of water into a paste, rub mosquito bite that can itch detoxification.
6. tobacco or tobacco small fire burned, ground into powder, with a small amount of rice vinegar and mix thoroughly, pour in a cardboard container or flat, into the places where flies, flies after taking this bait, it poisoning death.
7. with detergent and the rest of the cigarette smoke on the water together, let dissolve after, brought scrub windows, screens, better decontamination effect.
8. veneer coffee table with a plate of fire, use a long time tend to leave a few patches of the surface of the tea stain and burn marks. Sprinkle some water on the coffee table, wipe back and forth with a cigarette box of tin foil, then wash with water, tea will be able to track and trace hot wash.
9. The seven students a bronze patina, available foil pack of cigarettes wipe dipped in salt, can wipe patina that bronze look like new.
10. Take cigarette ashes scattered in the toes wet itch, treating blisters itching between the toes.
11. Skin itching can be a handful cigarette ash placed in a small cup, drop a few drops of water into a paste, spreads in the affected area to relieve itching.
12. recorder head wear, its surface can be removed on a fine whetstone grinding, then foil pack of cigarettes a dab of toothpaste to continue to grind until smooth arc head, shining far.
13. The weight ratio of 1 part to take tobacco, together with 20 parts of water into the pot one hour, remove and tobacco, with the remaining water to scrub the affected area, to treat livestock scabies.

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