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Friday 01 July, 2016 | RSS Feed

What is a low-tar cigarette brand

Gradually, our supermarket business is on track. I can take care of a person coming. After a few months, her husband has rented a garden in the East facade, opened a small supermarket, supermarket shop called "Garden discounters." In this way, we both operate their own small supermarket, both of us have come to a PK. See who's supermarket cigarettes sold most. Haha, I do not know lesbians selling cigarettes attract customers reason, or the reason I love cigarette comparison, my side of the supermarket cigarettes than her husband that supermarkets sell cigarettes much more.

However, it did not last long. In our "Garden discounters' business is in full swing when the landlord put the" garden discounters "are going, we are equal to the white dry year. So, my husband and I wholeheartedly Dongfeng Road runs this "new century discounters." In the second year, we changed the door first. Because for a new brand, so the "New Century discounters" in its name was changed to "the new century businesses." This "new century firm" was opened three years. Straining up the rent because the landlord, so the fourth year we bought a fit of anger and our supermarkets is only a facade separated from the downstairs room. Who lived upstairs, downstairs open supermarket. Etc. The supermarket just on the right track, low-tar brands of cigarettes also listed. I remember most clearly is 10 yuan "Blue Tashan" and $ 7, "seven wolves." At first, I do not know what is a low-tar cigarette brands, through our Account Manager - After Joe Tao explained to us, I know: less than and equal to 8mg cigarette, called low-tar brands of cigarettes. Learn the characteristics of the low tar cigarette brand, I put two low-tar brands of cigarettes each open a box. As long as I enter the store to buy cigarettes customer, I will send them a suck. If they often go to my shop to buy cigarettes customers, they gave me a lighter. Over time these customers due to this a free lighter often to my store to buy cigarettes, so I send them promotional lighters stopped later, they also used to taking these two low-tar brands of cigarettes. Because of this, the cigarette market I shop low tar brands completely open.

After the low-tar cigarette brand open market, tobacco companies gave us Lingshou Hu installed a "new business alliance" system. That is, tobacco cigarettes online ordering system, which is convenient for the majority of our Lingshou Hu, also to the tobacco company's marketing staff to reduce the work pressure. Because we do not have to observe the day before, next to the phone waiting for a visit to sell cigarettes. Now tobacco companies gave us the installation of the "Union League Invoicing System", is now more convenient for us to order cigarettes, but also convenient for us to manage inventory, due to the membership points card is set to do, but also to our store increased revenue. Even now, my husband and I began a 12-year retail history. Probably because of my love of it on cigarettes, so I am more interested in my industry. My husband and I will continue our retail history. We aspired to be a qualified retail cigarette monopoly households. Strive to "retail end," Development of households!

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