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Monday 18 July, 2016 | RSS Feed

Standardized management, to achieve sustainable development shop

Fourth, the winter can be burned charcoal, save up during the summer months with a cloth, and laid smoke cabinet or placed easily damp corners so you can suck the moisture, prevent mildew. Fifth, you can find a place to sell home appliances big new foam board, shop in the container, then put cigarettes, foam board can isolate moisture, so that the cigarette is not easy to damp mildew.

Nanyang City, Henan Province, Tanghe County, Zan Township large color door 200 meters cigarette Lingshou Hu Yuxiang My shop open in the vicinity Zan Gang door color, fairly advantageous geographical position, the steady stream all day, passing vehicles, but also in winter, while in summer, the weather that they please, while a great sunny day, while it pours. Can also be a sunny day to rain, I shop floor and walls will be damp, wet one, for it is my shop, waterproof, moisture, mildew commodity I will not be taken lightly, usually pay special attention, in particular, I shop some high-end cigarettes, such as: gold leaf (Daikin round), Yellow Crane Tower (Thanksgiving 1916), gold leaf (century flavor), clouds, Yuxi, and so I was doubly "care", moisture, I am a dedicated mildew, never vague.

In 2012, I purchased the store several sets of new cigarette counter, the entire store has been renovated inside and outside, I'm in the process of renovation, it is fitting to say: "When you design must not be too close to the container wall, It must be some distance away. "I'm not on the shop floor to place some of the more easily wet goods. Such as: instant noodles, biscuits, paper fire, firecrackers, but not afraid of moisture put some items above. Such as: Master of mineral water, Jinmailang water, beer plastic bag, plastic bag of a variety of beverages, the store if narrow, you can also do so to save space. In the summer, my husband went to the river to engage in some sand, put the bag scales, placed in front of the store, if the sudden change in weather, it began to rain, we will be ready to use these sandbags to prevent rain intrusion.

For a variety of stores that sell cigarettes, my moisture, mildew also have some experience. In business, if found abnormal wall, I put the glass door closed shop installed, open the cold air conditioning with dehumidification function. To carry out the store dehumidifier. In short, as long as we think all difficulties can be resolved, the saying goes: "a way more difficult than" Xiangfan City, Deer Island Garden District cigarette Lingshou Hu Xia Yu Since the shop, I shop for the sale of cigarettes I have taken FIFO, purchase ground principles of FMCG sales, we must also increase inventory, if necessary, to prevent cigarette season out of stock, leading to under-pin. But do not blindly stock, according to consumer habits in your area, do the appropriate inventory, so as not cigarettes a large backlog of mildew phenomenon.

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