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Thursday 28 July, 2016 | RSS Feed

Smoking hotel breakout season Raiders

2014 is destined to be a year of profound change in liquor, more people realize that this industry will undergo a shuffling process of survival of the fittest. For smoking hotel channel, the same is true. On the one hand, it relies mainly on the government to buy sales freeze, buy hotel-type tobacco must find new sources of profit; on the other hand, the industry feeding frenzy of prominent law at this stage of this channel, only those who are good at business, know smoking hotel change have a way out. All along, the hotel channel smoke development are some blind, its position in the liquor sales channels is also somewhat ambiguous. After years of chaos and perhaps smoking hotel is also needed to a tragic but necessary to end the war reshuffle this ambiguous state of existence. 2014 It is this opportunity! Or change, or perish, there is no other.

Smoking hotel how to change? Here we have compiled some experience of change have begun to try and fruitful smoke hotel, and some of the industry's professional opinion only. Raiders, smoke hotel management, psychologically necessary to re-understand and appreciate the value of channels smoking hotel, only psychological importance to pay attention to the action, at the same time to give smoking hotel development identify the location and direction.

Smoking hotel not only has the sales function, customers buy more mining, branding and display the depth to provide customer service and other functions, the hotel can smoke in accordance with their circumstances to subdivide the above functions, to see what features can provide profits continue to strengthen, for example, many tobacco brand value hotel brand promotion functions, the hotel charges a cigarette brand promotion expenses and increase operating profit sources. Smoking hotel owners to enhance the ability to learn, to master the necessary skills and professional marketing terminology. Raiders Second, borrowing, leveraging the transition and adjustment. This year, the traditional channels drinks value return, many manufacturers began to pay attention to and support for smoke directly into the hotel's smoking hotel just took the opportunity to negotiate with the manufacturers, the use of factory support and resources to carry out promotional package store, full adjustment and transition. Raiders Third, enhance service, increase value-added channels. Smoking hotel location all over the streets, with a near universal consumption characteristics, hotel operators can not just smoke as a liquor channels, and take it as a convenient service point, increase mobile phone recharge, subscriptions to newspapers, free cafes and other services , driven by the service traffic, but also enhance the sense of nearby residents store consumer confidence, thereby stimulating sales. Raiders Fourth, adjust product mix, focusing on innovation. Smoking hotel business must be flexible, consumption situation quickly adjusted, in order to adapt to the market. This year, high-end wine consumption is not busy, the hotel can smoke a modest adjustment in the product affordable high ratio, increased mass products. Meanwhile on select products, to focus on innovation. Smoking hotel now run homogeneity, each store are basically small but perfectly formed, but the specific products which are sold, which is a profit-based products, must understand that, while this year can also select some personalization product, to avoid the homogenization of competition, with differentiated marketing win.

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