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Thursday 04 August, 2016 | RSS Feed

Why others can not purchase from the store?

On the one hand, with the price tag, the owner can easily familiar with different brands and specifications of the new price of cigarettes in particular cigarettes and reduce errors. On the other hand, allow customers to rest assured that when you buy cigarettes, tobacco companies know this is the set price, and the owner will not bargain. Some people described the price code tied their business mind. This view is wrong. In a market, a brand and specification of cigarette price tag is uniform, it is impossible to store your set high, set low to his shop, so please rest assured that the tobacco companies must be clearly marked, maintained that all the interests of customers . If a brand specifications need to raise prices, the tobacco companies will be unified regulation, not because your business is good, as you would a single price increase.

In the inspection of law enforcement, it is often found that some found Lingshou Hu chaos channels of purchase. Whenever monopoly personnel shall be withheld these illegal cigarettes, the owner will be blocked, but also plausibly: smoke enough to sell with other stores to purchase, so what's wrong, say into the counterfeit cigarettes are not, why should I be punished?

A: First, you must know that "the sale of cigarettes to be law-abiding." Compliance for Lingshou Hu, the achieve the "three do not sell" on the line. One can not sell cigarettes, two can not sell contraband cigarettes, three can not sell someone else's smoke. The previous two, many Lingshou Hu to understand, to accept, is to have views on the last point, there are suggestions. In fact, this provision is not Which tobacco companies to develop their own places, but regulations require all tobacco monopoly regulations. Tobacco Monopoly Law Regulations implement the second five states: acquire enterprises or individuals tobacco monopoly retail license shall be in the local tobacco monopoly wholesale enterprise purchase, and accept the supervision and management of the tobacco monopoly license issuing authority. It sounds a little professional, in fact, words can explain: "Only the goods into the company, sell tobacco shop." If you purchase from a shop or other unauthorized acquisition, hoarding, reselling cigarettes must take to be investigated, that is, random channels of purchase behavior, it must be punished Tobacco Board. Secondly, chaotic channels of purchase behavior disrupt the normal market order, making it easy to control big small farmers, cigarette prices fell, real smoke illicit flows and other issues, and ultimately harm their own interests Lingshou Hu. Again, chaotic channels of purchase counterfeit cigarettes easier to bring opportunity. Cigarette tobacco distribution company are genuine, if chaos channels of purchase, it is possible to enter into cigarettes. Once you into cigarettes, consumers buy certainly do not agree, so your credibility and reputation will suffer. "A mass ten, hundred," your business will certainly be affected. Sixth, why can not permit the transfer of tobacco? In business, some of Lingshou Hu for various reasons, do not want to operate the cigarette, but reluctant to set aside tobacco license, tobacco license on private transfer, rent to others.

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