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How to buy best cigarettes

Of course, the customer can not blame greed, Who is it their own mistakes. So over a period of time I will not order Huangshan (gold alcohol) to avoid mistakes cause unnecessary disputes. However, because my shop is the hotel, cigarette varieties is not very high, at least one brand does not matter, so I can do that, if tobacco store or department store may not be the same, there is at least one species possible loss of some customers, no order can not solve the problem. A few years ago my husband and I along with the hotel business, and this year he was out doing other business, the hotel is only one person to take care of me, too busy when neighbors would come and help, but because they are not familiar with the characteristics of cigarettes, sometimes appeared take the case of the wrong smoke.

You can not blame others for your kindness, for which I'll put away some packaging similar to cigarettes. I shop in the consumer market are basically like acquaintances, so they come to buy cigarettes when, not if you want to see the brand will asks, thus reducing the possibility of a wrong smoke. My cigarette tobacco companies strictly enforce the rules and regulations - sale not return unless the customer care is because friends and relatives purchasing, then buy the wrong because I smoke cigarettes he will be considered for replacement of the actual need. One day last year, I was out of delivery, to the father to look after the shop. When I returned to the shop, an elderly customer into the store, took out a Hong Jinlong (soft fine), he said he wanted Hong Jinlong (hard-hi), his father sent the wrong goods. I asked how much money to buy, he said, it is 20 yuan. God, Hong Jinlong (soft fine) tobacco retail price of 100 yuan /, father unexpectedly when 20 yuan / Article cigarettes sold him, fortunately I found in time, and quickly contacted the customer, or big losses.

Another time, customers want to buy 100 yuan / article Hong Jinlong (soft fine), his father gave people 20 yuan / article Hong Jinlong (soft rainbow of color), then the customer came to the door. I search for memories, it was confirmed that a period of time that the customer does not buy Hong Jinlong (soft rainbow of color) in my shop, and provide customers with the "wrong smoke" smoke Coding is my body cigarette license number. With the "identity card" irrefutable evidence of this, I had to replace its Hong Jinlong (soft Toys) 100 yuan / bar.

Same name but divided hard and soft packaging cigarettes often makes me very tricky. Sometimes noon lunch break just to get up, sometimes in the rush of the holiday business is booming, I'm not dizzy head 30 yuan / article Hong Jinlong (hard rainbow color) as 20 yuan / article Hong Jinlong (soft rainbow of color) Sell to the customer, that is 50 yuan / Red River (soft armor) as 60 yuan / bar Red River (hard armor) sale of, sell low afterwards recalled, very painful, and in the sale of high, the show also attracted a headache.